Governing Boards

Govering Board Profiles

Owen Richardson


Appointed Year : 2021

Owen has a diploma in Leadership & Management

Owen has a Certificate IV Alcohol and Other Drugs

Owen has a Certificate IV Mental Health

Owen has a Certificate III in Engineering

Previously Owen was involved in key management roles within the Local Health and Well-Being Services in the Normanton area

Owen is connected to the Tagalaka tribe of the Croydon Area

Camden Pascoe


Appointed Year : 2018

Camden is currently working for PCYC

Camden is certified in Drug and Alcohol testing

Camden is connected to the Kurtijar tribe of the Normanton Area

Davin Crampton


Appointed Year : 2005

Davin is currently Program Coordinator for Deadly Choices

Davin has completed his certificate 3 in Glass and Glazing

Davin is connected to the Gkuthaarn tribe located in Normaton, and Tagalaka tribe situated in Croydon

Davin spent time as a professional athlete with the Gold Coast Titans

Davin has completed a Diploma of Counselling

Fred Pascoe


Appointed Year : 2021

Board Member of Bynoe CACS Ltd.

Chairperson – Gulf Regional Economic Aboriginal Trust (GREAT).

Fred was elected to Carpentaria Shire Council from 1997 to 2008. He was elected as Mayor of Carpentaria Shire in March 2009 then re-elected as Mayor from April 2012-2016.

Fred is connected to the Kurtijar tribe in the Normanton area.

Letitia Rainbow


Appointed Year : 2021

Letitia has a Certificate IV in Community Housing

Letitia has a Certificate IV in Frontline Management

Indigenious Organisations specialising in Land Management and Native Title

Letitia is certified in Drug and Alcohol testing

Letitia holds a Diploma in Local Government Administration

Letitia is a proud Kutrijar woman

Percy McLeod


Appointed Year : 2023

Qualified Plumber by trade

Has worked with C.S.C road crew

Currently CDP Coordinator at Bynoe

I’m from Tjungundji tribe in the Cape York Area

Shaun Fowler


Appointed Year : 2005

Shaun Fowler has worked in remote and regional Australia for over twenty years, specialising in remote services delivery and operational and contractual management of people centred programs. He has experience working both on the ground delivering programs – and with the tiers of Government, shaping policy and programs.

Shaun is a strong advocate of sharing and tailoring best practice models and has been instrumental in supporting and facilitating collaboration among remote employment service providers. Shaun has successfully established industry forums, organised and coordinated national conferences and has been a member of various government and peak body representative bodies.

In late 2012 Shaun launched Right Hand Remote Solutions to support rural and remote organisations, delivering programs such as the Community Development Program and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

When not working within remote and regional communities, Shaun can often be found along a hiking trail somewhere in Australia’s wilderness.

Wade Richardson


Appointed Year : 2017

Wade is a qualified boiler maker by trade

Wade has worked in the mining industry; steel fabrication

Wade specialises with the CDP Program and School attendance program

Wade is connected to the Tagalaka tribe of the Croydon Area

Wade is certified in Drug and Alcohol testing

Wade is presently employed as a Senior Project Officer with the Department of Education

Rachelle Pascoe


Appointed Year : 2020

Rachelle has been involved with Local Health and Well Being Services in the Normanton area

Rachelle is employed at NWRH in Normanton

Rachelle is connected to the Kurtijar tribe of the Normanton Area

Jack Reis


Appointed Year : 2021

Jack Reis is Badulaig heritage, from Zenedth Kes (The Torres Straits) and is the Co-Founder and owner of Baidam Solutions. Baidam Solutions, the nation’s leading Indigenous ICT security provider, takes a multipronged approach to ensure this industry’s future benefits from Indigenous input.

In the past 18 months, Baidam Solutions has become the first Indigenous business in Australia to set up and fund university scholarships in perpetuity. To date, this initiative has already seen Indigenous peoples go from curious to accredited to entry-level employees in the ICT industry.

The initiative provides clear pathways for accreditation and employment for Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The business aims to continue to create a space for Indigenous youth in the booming ICT and cybersecurity fields, ensuring that the commercial gains from the industry go back to local communities.